AnnieAnnie Denning Hille, M.S. MFT

I am passionate about working with parents and families to help children grow and thrive. I believe the best way to help each child reach their potential, is to support and guide the family members who know and love them best. I come from a systems perspective, believing that it is vital to look at the whole person as a unique individual who belongs to a unique family and culture. Creating change in any small part of the system can have a positive impact on the whole system. I have nearly twenty years of experience working with parents of young children and adolescents in many settings, including schools, mental health and social service agencies, and family homes.

I discovered my interest in supporting families touched by autism and special needs when my oldest son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As I learned more about autism and have experienced things that work (and don’t work) for our family, my desire to support and guide other parents with similar parenting challenges sparked my passion for combining developmental, behavioral and evidence-based practices in my work with individuals and families experiencing autism and other developmental disabilities, as well as mental health challenges. I have also had the opportunity to work with and learn from Barbara Avila at Synergy Autism Center. Her guidance and support has been invaluable in my professional growth.